Old Nicki vs. New Nicki

Once in a while I always catch myself saying, “I miss old Nicki.” “I miss hood Nicki.” “I miss bird Nicki.” Over the little time that Nicki Minaj has been in the music industry, she has went threw a complete transformation. Most people notice and comment on her physical change; however, it’s a lot more besides the physical that has changed.

The way she presents herself, raps, her clothes and lifestyle as changed. Regardless of how people felt about her lyrically, Nicki was more rough on the edges with her lyrics and hardcore when she first debuted. Now, she’s more commercialized and more appealing to the pop industry. She dressed decent, but simple back then; now she dresses over the top and weird. The way she speaks in interviews and her mannerism has changed as well.

Of course, changing her ways has allowed her to gain more money and success, but I still miss the Old “Hood, Bird” Nicki. She was more real. She reminded me of an around the way chick who many may have seen in the street or many can relate to. Will this old Nicki come back? I think not. But for the future, I rather the next celebrities to come out keep it real; they’ll have more loyalty and riches if they do that.

Below are videos of Nicki. Let me know your thoughts.

Old Nicki


New Nicki


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