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Job hunting is the worse!! Nothing about it is entertaining or fun. It is so stressful that it feels like you on the job while searching for the job. Right now, these are some of the thoughts that stream through my mind because like others, I am currently searching for a job. With this rough economy, this is the real-time in a long time that I had an issue with finding a job. Despite having a degree, I learn that we have to be more flexible. When I say more flexible, I mean more flexible in whether we want to travel 5%-25% to work, the time schedule we work and even the position(s) we want. In 2012, it doesn’t really matter how many years you’ve been in school, the important question is “Can you pay your bills or not?”

Although stressful, I have to tell myself to keep applying, keep looking, something will eventually come up. They say more people should be able to obtain a job within this year, my only question is when? When will we be able to stop struggling to find a job? When will our degree count again? When can we quicker notifications on whether we got the job or not? When?

I just hope for our sake, it’s quite soon. It’s now March, hopefully I get something in March or the beginning of April (the latest). Job hunting sucks!!

P.S. I’ll prefer administrative assistant positions and criminal justice (victim advocate) positions within NYC or CT region. Please let me know if you hear anything. Thank you in advance.

One Response to “Job Hunting”
  1. Ladonis says:

    boy, i have always said that looking for a job is a job alone. Many people have this thought that if you are not working or you cant find a job, that it is the applicants fauly or they are not trying hard enough. But honestly I have realized that lately it isnt even the whole “its all about who you know” because employers nowadays during these hard financial times would rather employ someone still in school or someone who stopped school after high school because they can underpay them and deprive them of benefits.

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