Rhodes SGRho Probate Commentary

Yesterday, the whole world was taken by storm with this SGRho Probate that was posted on YouTube, World Star Hip Hop and almost all social networking sites. All Greeks (besides NPHC) died of laughter, Non NPHC Greeks died of laughter and so did Non Greeks. This video had me not only in tears, but shocked that they posted this and was evidently proud of their “neos.” After looking at that video, it’s safe to say that it is not in everyone’s best interest to have a “probate” or “coming out” show if they are no where near ready.

Before anyone continues to read, I am going to let you know I’m going to break this video down and write all my comments on here, so if anyone feels they may get offended, you might not want to continue reading. Here goes.

So in the beginning, the Poodles have their “neos” coming from one end of the campus to the next. Now, usually when you march, the line is usually tight. These girls were marching with mad space in the line like they did not want to be no where near each other. Any Prophyte in their right mind who was walking next to these girls as they was marching would’ve done something and made sure they were on point. So not only should blame be put on these girls for not being tight and having a decent show, but their Prophytes for allowing it to happen. Then their Prophyte makes these girls “march” down the stairs knowing that they were not looking right when they was marching on a flat surface. My response to that:

“C’mon Son!!”

In sum, that march was sloppy, they should have done it right from the beginning of the video. So now we get to the actual “show.” The number one was not doing her job as leading this line correctly. She wasn’t intense and neither was the rest of the line. As you can see, the number four must have felt the same way since she decided to stomp after. The no-intensity continues as these girls start their greetings and get their founding dates wrong (the number three laughs) as if that was really funny. “Lady those are YOUR founders, why would that be funny?” As they start their greetings, you can notice that the number 2 has on a lighter shade of blue pants than the other three.

Where’s the unity ladies?

Then they continued to be all on different pages because during points of the videos, some of them are reciting their greetings, while the others are quiet. While looking at this video and laughing and shaking my head, I kept asking myself, “Did these girls not like their presentation before the actual day of the show?” And people may laugh at the question, but I ask it because throughout the video you notice some of them were unenthusiastic, sometimes they were laughing and other times they were on that “fuck this shit” tip.

Another example of these girls not wanting to be next to each other is when they did their “Sigma Lean.” That “lean” was the weakest lean I ever seen in life. There’s old school ladies in sororities who are older than them in Greek Life and age, but can still lean better and tighter than that. These ladies were just not on the same page for most of the physical movement they did during this show.

As they continue to do the physical movement, the number two and three tried to liven up the line with their moves, but unfortunately for them, it did not work.

Of course, I looked at the video a second and third time and I noticed that they greeted only one big sister. Now, that’s the big sister I’m disappointed in. Why did you let your girls go out like that? You didn’t have enough respect for them to make sure they were tight for a show?

C’mon son…. I would rather you not give them a show to save them from the embarrassment.

Now on to the fraternity greetings…. these girls greeted the Alphas; however they got the founding date wrong. At first I was a little upset about them getting other orgs founding dates wrong, but then I realized I shouldn’t be that mad because they said their own founding date incorrectly. Although they said the date wrong, there was one Alpha in the crowd who still did the call.

How are you saying your call when they didn’t even have the decency to say your founding date correctly??

As they continue with the show, these “neos” are so hype to be done that they doing some fraternity calls with the people they are greeting….. “Ladies what are you doing?”

Now they greet the Sigmas. These ladies put on some music to go along with their greeting… ok. And they start strolling. Now they definitely look like they didn’t practice this show much since some are forgetting the stroll and looking crazy. Again, I will give it to the number two and three because they had some type of rhythm. It looks like those two paid attention while that part of being practiced.

As then they greet the Iotas…. Only thing I’m going to say is “Since when was the SGRhos & Iota connection that strong??? Oh, ok.”

So later on people saying “Lead the line ACE, lead the line.” Viewers are assuming the number one was supposed to lead, but the number two said “Forget her, I’m the leader now (internally)” and pops out. I think she did that because she knew the show was whack and she just wanted to hurry up and leave.

Then they start to do their own strolls.. the number four was ok, the number two and three was into it. The number one…. she was just so lost and just ready to go.

Then “Set It Off” comes on… C’mon Prophytes, why are some of you messing up on the stroll with the neos. Make them look good for two seconds at least. As their strolling, another one of their Sorors gets on the radio and starts chanting. She reminded me a bit of MC Lyte and then I begin to wonder….

“Where was MC Lyte and Mother Love when this process and show was going on?”

Now… the video is done. Twenty minutes of pure laughter and coonery. Some may notice I didn’t call the number one an Ace, number two a Deuce, number three a Tre and number four a Quad/Tail. I know I didn’t and why I didn’t because they didn’t do the work to have those titles. Aces, Deuces, Tres and Quads/Tails get those names when they do what they have to do. Only thing these ladies did was “shut it down” on their campus and not in a good way. Those are my comments, feel free to respond. Only thing I can say is that every organization has their set of bad probates, SGRhos, I guess it’s just your turn now. Everyone who has intake for the upcoming semesters, make sure your neos’ show does not end like this because now, just because of this one video, that chapter’s reputation just went down the drain. Sad part about this is that once one chapter does something negative, it can hurt the whole org. These are my views about the video and what the chapter did, DO NOT think I dislike the org or its members.

Here’s the link if you guys did not see the video SGRho Probate. Feel free to leave your comments.

4 Responses to “Rhodes SGRho Probate Commentary”
  1. Anika Boston says:

    Totally agree with you! I didn’t see any unity ,and strong women.It was disrespectful to wear “spray paint” on their shirt.I think 4 more weeks on MIP was needed.

  2. Here’s my thing, why are they crossing in jeans?

  3. yep! says:

    And where is the video from your probate…oh yea those that are paper don’t have one! But where are these girls now? I bet they are someone where doing more work for SGRho that you are…so take a seat…as a matter of fact take several!

    • nubian163 says:

      As you see, this post was made in April, we already moved on and experienced new things. I don’t see what you’re so mad about. And if you are a Rho from that yard, then explain what happened in that video. The blog post was not about me or my process, we was talking about those girls and what was done in that video. And evidently, you didn’t do your history because no where in it says that you have to have a probate to be considered MADE. Paper people have probates as well, you just going to say they’re made because they had a probate? And last time I checked, no one’s founders had a probate, so are you going to call them Paper also?

      Ok, that’s what I thought. Enjoy your day, whoever you are.

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