Life always teaches you lessons that can be beneficial for future experiences. Sometimes, we get too comfortable and either forget about those lessons or the circumstances seems so clear that we let our guard down. One lesson that I always knew, but recently got back in touch with due to circumstances is to not let anyone steal my joy. People you know and may mean well may be trying to express themselves, but express themselves to the point where they are overstepping some boundaries. Now, it’s up to us as people to decide how we will handle it. Will we argue/fight or will we let it rock because you already know what it is?

Sometimes, letting it rock and moving to the side is the best thing to do.

I know people are wondering why did I write this post, but it’s because I remembered, “I must not let anyone steal my joy.” People putting themselves on a pedestal and putting you down at the same time, people thinking they have all the answers and they really don’t and people not giving you advice that’s in your best interest are all examples of people who either we need to watch out for because these people are not happy with areas in their lives, so they negatively critique others. Out of these past four months in 2012, I have an example of each of these scenarios, where I just had to sometimes let it rock or sometimes get crazy. Today, as I write this post, I just keep telling myself, “Don’t let anyone steal my joy.”

Hope you don’t let anyone steal your joy either.

One Response to “Joy”
  1. Norman, it is so weird that as i’m reading this post I am listening to “Joy Of The Lord” by Tamala Mann. Your post is soo true and came at the perfect time for everybody because it is during this season in which people are testing the joy and happiness of those around them. I went to church yesterday and the message was “Getting Back on Track: Breaking the Log Jam” and the preacher touch upon this topic in some way. People that really matter in your life should only contribute to the well-being of you and your joy. Sometimes it’s not what people do to us but what they say (directly or indirectly) and how they say it. And the final words the preacher said was “Let Go” (in other words, let it rock because it is what it is). So, I completely understand this post, what you’re going through/gone through, and just remember: if you lose one person in your life, God has already sent multiple more to contribute to the well-being and joy of your life 🙂 Love you boo!!

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