Teach Me, Dear Father

Felt like patience is something we all need to have in our lives, so I found an inspirational poem that pertains to patience. Unfortunately, the author is unknown. Enjoy!

Teach Me, Dear Father

Oh, teach me, dear Father, to patiently wait;
Your timing is never one moment too late.
You know all the questions – each “how?” and each “why?”
That with their persistence my heart often try.
Not one single part of my life is unplanned:
You hold every thread, precious Lord, in Your hand.

Lord, why does it seem that the areas You touch
Are the ones that are tender and hurt, oh, so much
Because they’re entwined with deep longings so great
And heart-drawing happenings – and then You say “Wait”?
Lord, teach me Thy patience to see as I should
That somehow it all will work out for my good.

And, Lord, these longings must crucified be,
So keep Thou Thy loving arms close around me.
And may I not question, Thy way is the best;
‘Tis only in Thee that my heart can have rest.
Each trial and test is because of Your love,
That I may grow more like my Father above.

So teach me, dear Father, to patiently wait:
I know that Your timing is never too late!


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