Discretion in 2012

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, discretion can be defined as: the quality of having or showing discernment or good judgment; the ability to make responsible decisions.

Discretion is a term you always hear when it comes to topics that is supposed to not be shared or discussed with all i.e., Greek Life, secret relationships, etc. In 2012, I noticed that the thing called discretion hardly exists. People are quick to expose themselves and others personal business, but then wonder why they experience negative consequences. They run their mouths about personal things and then wonder why things didn’t work out the way they originally planned.

Discretion is something that needs to come back and come back immediately. It disgusts me when I see people using these social networks as their “diaries” to say all of their thoughts, some which should be actually kept to themselves. Thoughts such as their intimate actions with others’ who are in relationships, the back and forth on how people don’t like one another, but swear they are not “Internet thugs,” the talk of how that GDI may know about a Greek chapter’s “personal business” and the convos that people say “don’t tell anyone, but you do it anyway.”

Then in the end, everyone wonders why things are in turmoil for themselves and others.

My advice, shut your mouth if you don’t want personal business in the streets. If you don’t want anyone talking about how you skated during your process, do what you need to do to make sure no one calls you a skater or paper, if you do not want anyone to judge you because you was having an affair with a taken person, keep your mouth shut or don’t have the affair, if you don’t want nationals to shut your chapter down, keep your mouth shut about the personal business you do and keep it to yourself, if you do not want people to give you advice on situations that you should evidently know what to do, keep it to yourself.

There’s a time and place for everything, which is also included with discretion. You notice that the library is packed, do not talk about your finances or home situations there, you feel like you need to vent about situations that may get you judged or in trouble, do not put it on a social network, just write it in a diary. You feel like you want to talk to somebody, do not go talking to the girl who has a track record of telling your business and other people’s business. You want good advice, make sure you do not talk to an envious or miserable person because you are going to be just like them.

It’s 2012, the coonery and ratchetness needs to stop. We need to do better for ourselves as individuals and as a group. Let’s start with learning how to have more discretion about certain situations.

3 Responses to “Discretion in 2012”
  1. This gave me life boo!!
    Its funny cuz I used to say this allll the time about Facebook. Got that one girl who every other day is on your timeline just going in “I love him” “fuck this bum ass negro” “these bitches was actin like they didn’t used to borrow my clothes” “that’s why your sex was wack anyway” and on and on and on, but then have the nerve to switch it up and say “people need to mind their own business”
    Sad but true, a whole bunch of irrelevant people depend on social media to make them stay relevant and seem popping from the outside looking in. You ever see those girls on twitter that just tweet every fukin body and you think “how the hell does she know him/her”
    Everyone wants to be the funniest, have the most followers, expose ppl etc. just to feel popping but at the end of the day their lives aren’t anymore exciting then watching paint dry on a wall

  2. taysha says:

    This is sooo true, it goes beyond greek lif its life in general.

  3. Discretion is important. But it can be applied in more than one way. Using your personal discretion to not allow he say/she say to get to you. If I have a twitter account and my news feed is wack (meaning it doesnt give me the information I desire) I need to unfollow some people and follow more relevant people.

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