Be Careful Before You BBQ

From time to time, I read various articles from newspapers. One article that stuck to me as I passed it was “The Bristle Brush as Barbecue Hazard.” Being that it is summer time, the lose clothes are coming on, the events are jumping and people are using their grills, I felt it was something important to read.

According to the article, people have been getting sick due to the metal pieces from the bristle brush remaining on the grill. The metal not only remained on the grill, but somehow got into the food, which was served to the public. They ended up getting sick, some being hospitalized and some needing surgery.

After reading this article, it made me more cautious of barbecues in general. I usually used more than a bristle brush to clean my grill, but now I’m considering looking at other ways to clean it just so the metal does not become a problem for anyone. Food contamination is the last thing anyone wants to deal with this summer, so everyone, be safe, be careful how you clean your grills and consider more than one option so that everyone can enjoy the food and the event.


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