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Love & Hip Hop ATL…….. the show that everyone talks about and make sure they don’t miss it every Monday. When I saw the previews for this show, I originally thought it would be whack and would not be entertaining as Love & Hip Hop NY or the infamous Basketball Wives. After watching the first episode, I was definitely wrong. The people behind this show has done a great job in making sure this reality show has entertained any and every viewer. From episode 1, we had cursing, drama, crying and laughter because of this show. People who were familiar with K Michelle was introduced to her, as she fights to get a second chance in the music industry. It has been challenging for her, but she has managed to not argue with every female in the cast (just 1, for now lol) and make good music at the same time. Her main beef has been with Karlie, another female who is trying to get a record deal, while on the show at the same time. Out of all the beef on the show, these ladies had a minor beef, exchanged a few words and even resulted in K Michelle popping Karlie in the face (which was funny ass scene).

Between both women, I feel K Michelle has a better chance of getting a deal; however, due to Karlie’s new fling with Benzino, she might have the connections needed to get where she wants to go. Karlie, who I feel needs more work with her image and voice before she gets promoted more, has been in a mix of trouble in the beginning of the season. In the beginning, she was reunited with long-time friend Mimi and was the one to originally tell her that Stevie J was not with her, but with another woman named Joseline. Mimi  on Stevie, but in turn wanted to still work for him. Next time Mimi and Karlie was together, she pointed out other women she knew Stevie was with, but still wanted to work with him. The first time she did it, she honestly didn’t know, but the other times, I feel she did it just to help cause a scene. Her recent relationship with Benzino, which I thought was fake in the beginning looks like it can work out and can be real. Benzino, who was big a few years back, fell off the map and recently met Karlie in the season. They hit it off and he was so sprung with her that they had a candlelit dinner on their first date, she has the key to his place and got hurt when people was telling her she might need to leave him.

Next we have is the Scrappy clan…. Lil Scrappy, Erica, Shay & Momma Dee. Lil Scrappy and Erica, who have been together on and off for years started the season as getting back together and starting off fresh despite their past. Momma Dee, Lil Scrappy’s mom just wasn’t minding her business and was babying Scrappy. This did help in his decision to finally leave Erica and with the help of his “friend” Shay, it gave him more reason to leave. Shay, from Flavor of Love, is in this as Scrappy’s best friend turned lover; however, he’s not fully keeping it real with her. Lil Scrappy was one a good character in the show (he was being a family man, he knocked out Stevie J, he was getting his life established) and then he started to not take blame for his own actions and started telling the partial truth about his situations. The only good thing he has done so far was knock out and fight Stevie J for disrespecting Erica, something that wasn’t fully shown due to him being on parole. Too bad Erica didn’t whoop Joseline’s ass for always trying to mind her business. That would’ve been a sight to see.

Then we have Rasheeda, who’s an underground independent artist working alongside her husband as her manager to get her career from the ground. Their marriage has been pretty decent until she felt that he hasn’t been helping her as much as she needed with her career. She goes and sees outside management and tells her husband 3 days after, which causes an argument and stir in the house.

The top drama of it all involves Stevie J, Mimi and Joseline. Stevie J, a producer, has been with Mimi for years, but has been cheating on her also. Drama starts right away when Mimi finds out that his relationship with Joseline is not only business, but intimate as well, as he not only sleeps with her, but gets her pregnant as well. Joseline does get an abortion because of Stevie, but that doesn’t stop him from working with her (in more ways than one). Mimi has been “hurt” but is being more stupid and naive than Emily was with Fabolous. The only credit I give Emily & Fabolous is that he didn’t disrespect her publicly on the show and made statements, while Stevie J has time and time again disrespected both his women (and they allowed it). Both their friends tried to tell them, but Stevie got them on lock. Never seen that type of lock a man had on two women with both of them knowing in my life. Other characters that come along, are there for support.

After my long summary for the show, what I have to say about each of these are as followed: Mimi is not really mad at Stevie J, she doesn’t want to leave him and she is all talk and no bite. If she was as mad as she said she was, she would’ve left him long time ago after he was cheating on her with the other girls before Joseline. She has no backbone and is not trying to leave Stevie as long as he pays her any mind. In the beginning, I felt sorry for her, but now I don’t. She’s publicly embarrassing herself and what happens to her, she puts it on herself. Stevie is only going to treat these women as they allow them to treat them. I would say he treats Joseline a little better only because she puts her foot down every once in a while and doesn’t back down. Joseline needs to stop defending her man when she doesn’t even know what the argument is about. There has been quite a few times she jumped to conclusions on a whole different level and caused chaos. What Joseline may need to do to get her career live is go in the Latin section of the music business and then go to the Hip Hop section. This way, she has a fan base at both sections and she can help herself more.

Erica has been making me proud in these episodes. She’s been sincere, even though it might appear harsh to some. She’s kept her word and when she told Scrappy he was out, she really packed up his stuff with no return. Mimi needs to take notes from her. Karlie and Benzino I didn’t think would work out in the beginning; however, I feel they are smitten with each other and who knows they may be able to make it happen. I feel if her career doesn’t get off the map because of him though, she won’t be afraid to leave him to make sure she has one. Lil Scrappy just needs to start taking responsibility for himself and his own actions and not being babied by his mom. *On another note, Momma Dee being a pimp back in the day is very disturbing for me. Everyone’s momma is crazy… Keyshia Cole’s momma (Frankie), Jim Jones’ momma (Momma Jones) and now Lil Scrappy momma (Momma Dee). All filled with ratchetness. Imagine them with a show together?!? Pure ratchetness I feel. With Rasheeda, she needs to realize that her image needs a lot of work and I feel no one wants to hear what she has to say unless she’s coming out with something no one heard before or something the music industry has been missing. The part with her husband possibly not being her manager should have been something she should’ve figured out years ago since he’s been in that position for numerous years. The only thing with this is that this can ruin her marriage, which I’m sure is something both people are not ready for that.

After watching all this drama, Love & Hip Hop ATL makes me forget about all the drama the other people experienced in their reality tv shows. It’s addictive, never-ending and just crazy.

One Response to “Love & Hip Hop ATL”
  1. Kenny B says:

    Erica needs to take Mimi under her wing and school her about knowing her self worth. Mimi and Stevie are both troubled. The the last episode revealed a lot of demons from their childhood that contribute to their flaws as adults.

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