What Grinds My Gears

There are a lot of things that grinds my gears, some of them are common tendencies that most people may not like or personal tendencies that I dislike. Whatever you want to label it as, I dislike it. A few things that grinds my gears that people have been doing lately are:

1) Being indecisive.

2) Inconveniencing my schedule to make sure their schedule works perfectly.

3) Not being considerate.

4) Plan my schedule for me.

5) Can not be real with themselves or others.

6) Are unreliable.

7) Speaking about things they have little to no knowledge of.

8) People who invade my space.

9) People who love to freeload.

10) People not willing to compromise.

Those are my top 10 I can think of right now. Don’t grind my gears, please!!


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