Student Loans


College: the best years of a persons life, the time when someone attempts to find themselves and the time where the real life hits. Adults always want to make sure we go to college and do well there, but no one really prepares you for the aftermath. One of the harsh realities of life after college is that we have to pay student loans. Student loans, also known as Sallie Mae, has been everyone’s pain in the ass for numerous years.

A former college student, such as myself, has been contacted on numerous occasions about paying my Sallie Mae bill. With this rough economy, lack of jobs and high rates of tuition, Sallie Mae needs to calm down and leave us alone. One thing that annoys people about it is that they would expect more than what you can pay. Yes, they have agreements you can join, but it still does not take away the interests that accumulate for not paying.

Now between 2012 – 2016, we need to do something about this loan issue. Now I do not expect to not pay Sallie Mae at all, but she needs to give people time to pay it back. It is not like paying your credit card bill. This is paying a loan company back that takes a person with a normal income time. I say something needs to be done because at this rate, we are paying them until we die. Loans, give us a break!


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