We Need To Do Better Orgs

Recently, something has been bothering me. I tried to ignore it, but the more I look at my emails, check my social networks and go through my daily routine, the more I get reminded of it and the more I get annoyed. My issue is with how things are going with people in GLO (Greek Letter Organizations). I will not only single out the African American ones because it occurs in other types as well.

I get pissed off when I see members always gloat about what they did to get in, how hard they went or try to put others down for various reasons, but do not go hard when it comes to delivering service, fundraising and trying to show support for others. What annoys me more is that these people are usually the ones who are not financial locally or nationally. You can not knock another person down in Greek Life when you are not following the oath you said you would when you got in. Do not be the one to promote the party, step show or be the one in the spotlight at the social event, but can not be found mentoring students, planning a program or at community service event. Yes we all love the social events, it is where we all have fun. Go to those events because you can network there; however, the social events is not what you took the oath to do. You took the oath to be financial, be brotherly/sisterly and be of service to your organization. Be there to make new members, but do not only make new members and never be seen until there are a new set of members to be made.

After thinking about it, this is a problem that starts from the top position to the end. It all matters in who helped bring you in, what they instilled in you and how much of a factor they played once you got in. With that said, we as members may need to reevaluate what we learned and what we are teaching others if they are not getting the correct message. If you was not encouraged to join a graduate chapter once you graduated from undergrad, there is a strong chance you may not. If you was not encouraged to support other organizations and to be on committees for events, there is a strong chance you may not. After undergrad is over, join a graduate chapter or at least be affiliated with one. Know what is going on business wise with your organization on a national and local standpoint.

Everyone is told to help their organizations as best as they can (or at least should have been told). Yes do the work, but pay your dues also. Complete your national programs, make sure you are in good standing. For the undergrad initiated members, do not live in the undergrad life after you graduate until you die. Yes, support, help and advise, but do not be only associated with that chapter. Life is about moving on and change, so do just that. Show your face at the meetings because that is where you learn the business aspect. You do not approve of a rule, express it there. You can not be mad at what is going on, but do not voice your opinion or do not attend a meeting to see why the rule was put in place. Do not talk about your glory days (which are in the past) if you are not doing anything to help in the present or future. You talking and not taking action is not helping anyone.

One Response to “We Need To Do Better Orgs”
  1. This a dynamic issue. I believe some of it reflects what was the burning desire for that particular person to join. Some people joined their respective organization for the spotlight and would go through whatever he or she went through to get it. Some people wanted to make a difference and would do programs or community service without their organization. There are of course exceptions like someone who isn’t in a financial position to be financial or someone has decided not to focus on their fraternity or sorority at this stage in their life. Someone who witnesses these examples of different members have to take it upon their self to do what burning desire led to their finish line.


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