Dispute Over TV Show

2012 has been filled with ratchetness and nonsense that needs to stop. As I was getting back to New York from Dominican Republic, I’m looking at the news station on the airport and I hear about a Man Shooting His Wife Over TV Show Dispute. I read it twice just to make sure I wasn’t too tired and saw it again. Then I was reminded that we all need to do better.


What I did when I finally got back and settled was look for the news article to read more, and when I finished reading the article, the only thing I could do was shake my head. The couple have been dating for a few years now and got into a debate about the television show, “The Walking Dead.” Now, I know everyone loves their favorite TV shows and would advocate for any of those characters they like; however, it’s only a TV show. The argument that happened between them should’ve stayed as a debate, both should’ve realized they should agree to disagree and keep it moving.

The argument escalating to the point it did not need to reach and I feel we as a society need to state our opinion, but stop attacking people because their opinion varies. The fact that he was really willing and ended up shooting her because of their argument concerning the series shows that he has internal issues he needs to handle before he tries to be with someone else. Now that he shot her, who knows if he will ever have a chance to be intimate with someone else (unless it is in jail).


*Please feel free to comment* Read the Article Here -> Man Shoots Girlfriend

One Response to “Dispute Over TV Show”
  1. Honestly people need to grow up. A TV Show? Really? How about banding together to fight for issues of social justice? How about productive discourse on poverty, black unemployment, education and crime in our cities? This trivial shift of focus is truly disheartening. People have really got to grow the F up and fast.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Norman.


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