Flu Season

The weather has been changing back and forth, but the flu season remains. Over Christmas and recently, I’ve been a sick twice. Both have been colds thus far, but it just reminds me to make sure I’m consistent when it means to fight these germs off. Some tips I found and would be using are:

1. Blow your nose often and correctly. This takes the mucus out of your system, hopefully helping you get better. Remember to wash your hands after to remove the germs.

2. Stay rested. Rest your body as much as you can. This includes laying down and/or taking frequent naps.

3. Gargle. This can help if you have a sore throat. I hope everyone gargles mouthwash when they brush their teeth (lol), but gargle warm water with salt as well.

4. Drink hot liquids. Tea would be helpful in this situation because it helps prevent nasal congestion and dehydration.

5. Take steamy showers. This not only cleans the body, but clears your nasal passages and relaxes the body.

Of course there are more ways to recover from being sick, but those were 5 natural ways to treat a cold or flu. Hope this helps. Stay warm folks and don’t get sick.


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