The Vow

The year 2013 has been a very challenging one for me, filled with various emotions. At times, I drowned into my sorrows, but today, I did drown and my sorrows and then decided to get some motivation. That being said, I found a motivational poem, written by someone else (Lol). Hopefully this can motivate you, a friend or family member in whatever you are going through:


The Vow By Malcolm O. Varner

No matter how deep the sadness or wide the pain, I vow to live for a brighter day will come again.

No matter how many mistakes I’ve made in the past, I vow to live and in the future avoid them, surefooted and fast.

No matter how many tragedies beyond my control take place, I vow to live and stay my course within this race.

No matter how poor or rich I may ever be, I vow to live and aspire to search for the dignity in simplicity.

No matter how much a lover may pierce the inner core of my heart, I vow to live for like spring I’ll get a new start.

No matter how isolated and alone I may feel, I vow to live and do something for someone else to heal.

No matter how hopeless my situation my appear, I vow to live and reflect until my viewpoint is clear.

No matter what happens in this life – good or bad I vow to live, do my best, and just for living – be glad.


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