Love Without Tragedy

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a love/hate relationship with Rihanna; however, one thing that she did say was true that you can’t have love without a tragedy. As years go by, I just look and analyze the world in which we live in and say to myself, “How did it get so bad?”

How did it come to a point where parents are fearful to send their children to school, where everyday the news has something depressing to a point where people don’t watch it anymore? How did it come to a point where it’s people are constantly hurting one another emotionally and physically? How did it come to a point where people forgot how to show respect and “have no filter?” How did it come to a point where every minute is a new hardship that one must face… Any unnecessary hardship at that?

As customs developed, people started to pick up more negative traits and the economy started to dwindle, so has the people. If the unity was gone several years ago, it’s definitely gone now. If we felt that we came a long way (on a positive note), we did and we didn’t. If we felt things are decent, we are sadly mistaken.

It’s ashamed how we believe we can’t trust our brothers and sisters anymore and we can only trust ourselves. It’s ashamed how we as a people objectify ourselves just to “get on by” because we have limited options. It’s ashamed how being single is the safest thing to be. 2013 has been an interesting year so far. Although it’s only April, 2013 has been filled with nonstop unnecessary antics, which can all be avoided if we has a group and as individuals do better and strive to be better. The sad part about the 2013 antics is that it slowly grew from previous years. They just may be noticed now since there are more frequent situations occurring.

We as a people need to motivate each other more, love each other more and help each other more. There should be no reason why we are frowning or crying more than we are smiling. We should be laughing more frequently at innocent situations as opposed to somebody who’s experiencing a negative experience. We need to do better if we want to experience better. If you don’t want to be better and be better, stay out of my way and everyone else’s who’s trying to achieve similar goals. Once we started focusing on bettering ourselves, we can worry about bettering others and the communities around us.

Stay motivated! I’m trying to!


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