Road To Saving Money

Saving money has never been an easy thing for Americans. The land of opportunity, the place of freedom, the “1st world country.” There are several Americans that know how to spend, but don’t know how to save. Growing up, I would always be willing to spend, but never be willing to save. My mom’s favorite quote was, “You always want to save money for a rainy day.” I never realized what that truly meant until last year.

As an young person entering the real world, the I realize being an adult is all about paying bills. Anything other than that is on you (Lol). Main responsibility is to pay to live and to pay the debt you owe. Without anything saved, you have nothing to lean on if you have an emergency. Paying these bills and having nothing to show for it (including some saved income), made me decide to make it a New Years Resolution to save some money.

We are currently in the month of May now and I have continued to stay strong in saving money. To save, I do my weekly challenge of putting in money into my savings account and by sticking to it, the amount has increased. I’ve received more results in these past months of saving than I did my whole life! Thanks to those are completing the weekly challenge with me and for me sticking strong to the goal, I now know that I can save.

Following this challenge, I can have more than $1,000 before the challenge is over. I feel like after the challenge is over, I will just start over and continue the challenge until I have a big lump sum saved. Now in 2013, bills are getting higher and jobs are getting scarce, we all need to start spending a little, but saving a little too. We wouldn’t want the government to care for us the rest of our lives, would we?


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