August Alsina

Usually before I buy albums, I log onto my YouTube account to give the tracks a listen. This will determine if I will listen to a track often, purchase a track or purchase an album. Today, I decided to give August Alsina’s new album, “Testimony” a listen. I heard many good reviews and heard a few of his singles. His singles were cool to me; songs I can listen to and not be annoyed by the voices and the lyrics.


During my break at work, I gave his album a quick listen, went home and continued to listen. I can honestly say that I can listen to this album straight through without skipping a track. His lyrics make sense (more than most people’s lyrics nowadays) and I can say I see him going places in the future. I definitely do not see him as a one hit wonder or one album wonder. So what I will do now is continue to listen to this album on YouTube, but also log onto my iTunes, give the man support and buy his album. 


Give it a listen if you’re free! 


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