Ice Challenge & Why All of These Challenges Are Dumb

Summer 2014 has brought many songs, forms of entertainment and even fads. One of the fads includes “challenges.” Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen fire challenges, liquor challenges, and the most popular, ice challenges. These challenges, in my opinion… are all stupid. This shows me that most people are of course, bored, are followers and have ego prides. I’m not getting in no fire challenge, where I burn myself and then end up in the hospital severely injured or dead. I’m not getting in no liquor challenge where I drink too much that I pass out for days and I’m definitely not wasting water that someone needs just for an ice challenge.

Some of these challenges are for fundraisers; which is fine. My only problem is, most of these people are doing these challenges and do not even know why they are doing them. If you are going to raise money for a cause, at least educate yourself and others about the cause. At least do the challenge and donate and at least don’t be dumb and kill yourself. So far, the only challenge I’ve been challenged to was the ice challenge (on two occasions) and I will be doing none of them. I will be doing none of them because it’s my personal choice and because I don’t have time in my day. So if you’re looking for a video from me, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a donation from me, look elsewhere also.

4 Responses to “Ice Challenge & Why All of These Challenges Are Dumb”
  1. Tia says:

    I agree. These challenges are just another way to distract us from what’s really going on. I mean it’s starting to become some superficial fad, especially the ice challenge (the fire challenge is just plain self-hatred). How about we inform the public about ALS instead of trying to look cute when a bucket of ice is thrown on us. Let’s do a book challenge ! A math challenge! A budget challenge! A love challenge. Wake up people.

  2. Sagirah says:

    Absolutely agree. I said the same exact thing. It’s stupid and you’re not raising awareness because none of the videos I’ve seen made mention to was ASL is or who and how it affects people or gave links for research so as far as I’m concerned you don’t want me to know about it. I’m not googling it because if you were supposed to be raising awareness then I should know these things at bare minimum, and then do further research on my own. Someone I know accepted the challenge and said he was going to nominate me. He sure would have been embarrassed if he tried it.

  3. April says:

    I agree! I wrote something like this on my Facebook status the other day. Ppl think I’m being a sour puss, a hater or a grouch. On the contrary, I am none of the above & feeling just fine. I just decided to use the right side of my brain (cognitive thinking) & make a conscious decision not to participate because there is NO RELATION between dumping ice on your head & ALS disease. Plus, just yesterday a few of my friends & I were discussing about this challenge. One of my friends were nominated (I was too but I flat out said no to the challenge & no to the $100 penalty donation). He says “I’m not going to donate but I’m going to make this ice bucket challenge be epic & hilarious! Plus do a little marketing for my cousin’s clothing line.” I know he is NOT the first to think this way; thus, proving why I find this challenge pointless!
    Granted, this challenge definitely brought this disease to the forefront of everyone’s mind & I’ve read that the foundation received donations accumulating into the millions. So thats great! But I will donate on my own accord & do not need ice water dumped on my head to prove that I’m a good sport & Samaritan.

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