The Making Of A Slave

One can always continue learning, whether they are in a classroom or not. This weekend, while conversing with friends, I learned valuable information. I found out: 1) Where the word “lynch” comes from and 2) How we are still internally enslaved.

Lynch apparently comes from Willie Lynch, a British slave owner in the West Indies. Because his methods of slavery was so popular, he was invited to speak at locations, including Virginia. In 1712, he delivered a speech entitled “The Making of a Slave.” In this article, he briefly gives slave owners many methods on how to control their slaves, how to divide their slaves and how to mentally break them down to the point where they only trust their slave owners.

Reading this article was heartbreaking because I saw various examples of how this carries on to today’s generation. Lynch was correct, if used correctly, it would last for 300 years. 300 years from 1712 is 2012 (two years apart from today). This article showed me why their are so many single mothers in society, why we segregate ourselves based on skin color and why people have the mindset they have. The sadder part of this “manual” is that it’s been passed down efficiently without us evening knowing. This manual has been out since 1712…. 1712!!!!!! Many of us have not even heard of this or even know who Willie Lynch was.

The sad part about what I read was most likely just an excerpt of Lynch’s method. Out there somewhere, I’m sure there are pieces missing from this manual that have still yet to be exposed. This article also shows me how and why many of today’s marriages within the African American community does not last long and are permanently damaged.

I know I’m not perfect; however, I plan to everyday grow and enlighten myself and others as best as I can. I hope to break out of this mentality that we (as I people had for several years) and I hope to teach my children the truth about their past (and as much as the truth as I can) because our education system is selective in what they want us to know.

*If you would like to read the PDF, here is the link.


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