The PinkPrint

A lot of albums have been released in 2014… one of them including Nicki Minaj’s new album, “The PinkPrint.” A few people recommended that I gave the album a listen, so one day, I decided to give it a listen. After listening to snippets of each song, then each song, I can honestly say that she did well on this album.

This album has shown her in a new light, shown many of the skills we knew she had (acting, singing, rapping and entertaining) and showed everyone how versatile she can be. Despite what anyone says or thinks about her, she really did well with this album. This also shows that when one experiences pain, (unfortunately) great music comes alive.

From the mixtapes to her past album to now… Nicki has really grew within the business and this album shows her hard work and dedication to her craft. Not only does she have a new album, she decided to make a 16 minute movie of her album. Watching The PinkPrint Movie, I can say that Nicki has done a great job with promotion and making sure the album did not leak.

Kudos to Nicki on a great album, hope much success comes her way.


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