Poetry & Skin Color

Browsing through your social networks allows you to be updated on what’s going on in various types of everyday life. Today, while browsing and trying to nap, I come across a link regarding a black girl “talking white.” Although many may have automatically thought the link would’ve been some controversy or fight, the link turned out to be different.

Click A Black Girl Was Asked Why She ‘Talks White.”

My response to her action was very moving. It made me remember how we still have progress in society to make, as well as internally. She definitely articulated herself in a manner that all can understand. Despite this, one still may feel she “spoke as a white person.” Skin color and hair texture are two things still looked upon in 2015. Stigmatization and judging before getting to know a person is still happening in 2015. Too many obstacles which we thought were long gone are still obstacles we face; just in different manner or we underestimate them.

Guess one thing is true, we have to change ourselves if we want to change others.


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