30 Things in 30 Days

Good afternoon folks,

As of today, November 1, 2015, I decided to start a spiritually journey with my neighbor/friend that will reflect on thought provoking questions, open wounds from the past and taking a peek into our futures. Some of the posts will be on my blog; however, if they get too personal, I will write elsewhere. Day 1 topic is: Make a list of 30 things you wish to accomplish for YOURSELF in the next 30 days!” So…. here goes.

  1. Fix my sleeping pattern
  2. Cleaning my apartment and consistently clean it
  3. Connect with those whom I have not connected with in a while
  4. Pursue doing yoga to relieve stress
  5. Go to the Connecticut Science Center
  6. Cooking dinner again for myself at least twice a week
  7. Remove anyone or anything that shows I’m not a factor/priority
  8. Use my blog to inspire and uplift people
  9. Continue driving
  10. Work on my wedding planning skill course
  11. Get a better job/career than I already have
  12. Cook the lamb chops that my stepmother wants
  13. Get back into jogging at least twice a week
  14. Go to church on at least two Sundays in the month
  15. Plan a date/time to go to Broadway
  16. Read a new book before the month is over
  17. Plan a trip in December (even if it’s a weekend trip)
  18. Don’t feel obligated to doing or saying something and instead, say no
  19. Express appreciation for people who are there for me whether it’s by words or actions
  20. Go to sleep early if I am indoors without plans
  21. Not spend money if it’s not needed
  22. Smile as much as I can
  23. Pray as much as I can
  24. Not collect so much paper in my apartment if it is not needed
  25. Eat more fruits
  26. Pay my November bills on time
  27. Go to Red Lobster
  28. Catch up on my weekly shows
  29. Not get my Mohawk haircut
  30. Take a purge to cleanse my insides
One Response to “30 Things in 30 Days”
  1. Vic Carter says:

    An ambitious list…. Good luck with that. I am sure you can do it. (I should take note and mirror your list myself)

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