Given Up On

Good afternoon folks,

Day 2 of spiritual journey continues and today, actually was just as thought provoking as yesterday’s topic. Day 2 topic is: What have you given up on? Why? What caused you to give up? Was that the only option? So… here goes.

1. I given up on giving someone the benefit of the doubt.
a. I gave up on that because in the past and currently, a good amount of people in my life have flaked when it comes to showing to events I’ve planned or people who say they would return my money borrowed to them and don’t. The only option besides giving up on believing people’s word was not giving them a chance to even have us in the situation. Saying no would’ve been the answer; not inviting them to events would have avoided the change of plans.

2. I given up on getting tattoos and piercings.
a. I gave up on this because Corporate America does not want to see an African America tatted and pierced up. I also dislike the pain it would cause. My skin also heals horribly when it is bruised, so spending the money would not be worth it. Lastly, I have been used to not having any for a while that the want is no longer there. The only option would have been to get the work done or not get it at all.

3. I given up on my current employment.
a. I gave up on this because I realize I am worth more than what they are giving me. I realize that I am not using my potential or even half of it and I realize that not enough money can replace happiness. I realize not all of the people there are at fault; however, those negative seeds, the disorganization of the office and situations occurred have me excited to leave. The only option besides leaving would have been to stay and continue to be unhappy or to make complaints to higher ups, which can take a long time to process.

4. I given up on wanting to be famous.
a. I, as many other children, wanted to be famous, have limos take me wherever and walk on the red carpet. Getting older and seeing know the media, the fans, non-fans and society treats celebrities (sometimes as if they are not people), turned me off from wanting to be famous. Being famous comes with you being judged by the world, having your life (good and bad) become publicized and also not have the life another normal human being may have. Yes, you may make money revenue then someone else, but how much can money do when it comes to happiness? I realized that I do not have to be famous to help people. I can still make a difference in someone’s life, whether it is a small or large impact.

5. I given up on romance.
a. I given up on romance because of society. Back in our parents and grandparents era, marriage was “for better or for worse.” People cared more about their investments and parties involved. Now, there is no such thing as love. There’s sex, sex and more sex. People would get married or be in a relationship just to be in one or just to be noticed by others. Giving up is usually the first option, leaving society with less marriages and more children with broken homes. Another option is to keep hope because there are some marriages that are still working out and some couples who still have traditions and values passed on to them.


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