Emotional Fears

Good morning folks,

It is Day 3 and I am sticking to the writing. I see my neighbor is really trying to get more in depth with our feelings and past thoughts. Today’s journal question is, “What are your emotional fears?” Here goes!

1. Not living up to my full potential.
a. People in society are nowadays overqualified and underpaid. Hey, I’ve been in that category for a little bit of time myself. You work hard to establish yourself professionally and academically, only to get a mediocre position at a job is saddening. Disappointing those who believed in you and one settling for less than they are worth happens in everyday life. You don’t want to disappoint those and have a bunch of should have’s, would have’s and could have’s.

2. Not finding the right soulmate.
a. Marriage is something that is rare in 2015. Many people are shacking up, having babies, but not putting any rings on any fingers. People are not willing to work out their problems, but give up easy when the going gets tough. With the media, the mentality people have in this day and age and the morals that are lost, I feel I may never have that one I can give a ring to, the one I can grow old with and the one I can have children with. Being lonely sometimes saves you from drama, but being lonely also can prevent you from experiencing the beauty of life.

3. Rejection.
a. Everyone wants to be accepted in life. Rejection is one thing I was always afraid of. The emotional hurt, the anxiety, the time planning how to take that “certain risk.” Rejection is a part of life and unfortunately, I cannot avoid it. But I won’t lie, I am very afraid of it. Rejection of one particular thing can prevent one from gaining opportunities if they just took that risk. Putting yourself out there with no one to grab that hand is scary, which allows one to avoid it.

4. Having too much stress.

a. There are positive and negative versions of stress. Too much stress or too much on one’s plate can allow one to be depressed, can allow death and can even allow ruined relationships. I do not mind juggling multiple things at once; however, life has times in being hard on it (which on a positive note, makes you stronger). I just do not want to be that one that suffers from PTSD or any other psychological behavior.


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