Day 5…….. I’m staying consistent so far. Yes, I know Day 4 isn’t on here. That’s because the topic I wanted to keep to myself. Day 5’s topic is “Is there anything you believe you need to be forgiven for?” This one is a very reflective question, which allows me to see error in my ways.

1. I need to be forgiven for my anger towards people.
a. Sometimes I get very tempermental or angry towards people/topics/situations I passionately care about. At times, I can express that in various ways, which can be conveyed wrong to others. My anger towards people also comes out when people say or do things I find to have little to no thought with it.

2. I need to be forgiven for hurting others’ feelings.
a. Not everyone knows what will or will not hurt a person. There are even times when you did not realize your words/actions affected someone. So for those feelings I did not intentionally mean to hurt, I do apologize and hope to be forgiven. Even if I’m making a joke, not everyone takes jokes the same way and for that, I apologize in advance. There are times I made comments and meant the words I said, but not the tone and that can also hurt more than anything.

3. I need to be forgiven if I took longer than expected to submit any work.
a. When I say work, I mean submit money that I owed or deadlines missed if it was due to my lack of not moving quicker. If I owe individuals money, I usually pay back right when I say I do, but just in case I did not or just in case I forgot I owed you money, I apologize. If there was anything pushed back (whether academically, professionally, etc.) and people had to rearrange their schedules due to me, I apologize.

4. I need to be forgiven for being late.
a. I despise being late. I despise it when other’s are late and I’m the first one there. I do; however, become late to things and I really do feel bad about it. For those who I made wait a bit or a long time, I do apologize. Patience is a virture and not many have it, including I. With being late, not only would I like to be forgiven for being late, but I would like to forgive others for being late as well.

5. I need to be forgiven for lusting over certain individuals.
a. Yes, yes, you’re not supposed to lust over people. But, I am human. I have been a villain of lusting, but nothing is worse then lusting over someone you don’t try to pursue things with. It is one of those, “It feels so good, but it is so wrong” type moments.

6. I need to be forgiven for being petty.
a. Being petty is fun when it is needed. Being petty is now one of those things that society finds funny; however, being petty can ruin relationships, can make one lose out on opportunities and can keep others lonely. Sometimes, one has to put their pride aside, forgive and move on. Sometimes, instead of getting even, we have to remember to let nature take its course. I am petty, but being open-minded can help out when it comes to a larger scale.

7. I need to be forgiven for giving a bad first impression.
a. Your first impression is always the one someone will remember. You will not always have a good one or a do over. I am liked by most people; however, I am sure I rubbed some people the wrong way. If my first impression was rude or disrespectul, I apologize. In life, we never know who or what can help us and if one’s first impression is horrible, it can leave them with lacking assistance when needed.

8. I need to be forgiven for not praying enough.
a. Prayer, in my opinion, and others is needed everyday. I do pray; however, there is always room for improvement. What I ask for, when I ask how it, how I ask for it, etc. can all be improved. I personally do not think I need to pray multiple times a day, but I can pray at least once or twice a day and consistently do it. I pray when I eat, I pray when I wake up and sleep, but I’m not sure if that is enough for God. If it isn’t, then I do apologize and hope to be forgiven.


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