Busy, busy weekend; however, I am still blogging. Day 6’s question was, “Do you feel guilty about anything?” Out of the 27 years in my life…. I’m going to see what I can think of.

1. Making someone feel bad if that wasn’t my intent.
a. I’m all about feelings when it comes to people I care about. So, of course I can be a jerk, but that is not always my intent. So hurting one’s feelings when I did not mean it is something that I definitely would feel guilty about.

2. Being late.
a. I hate…. hate the feeling of being late. I hate when people are late on me. So if I have someone waiting on me because I am late, I definitely feel guilty. I always aim to be early, but I’m never perfect, so that’s just what happens.

3. Spending money when I do not need to.
a. As I get older, I try to save as much as possible. You never know when it will be a rainy day. What I have been doing is saving money because times are hard in the economy. So, when I spend money that I may want to, but not need to, then I feel guilty. Money is meant to be spent and spent wisely.

4. When I forget to do something I set out to do.
a. Memory does go. I’m not going to lie. My memory is still good, but there are times my memory goes away. So now, I have to start writing some things down so I can remind myself what needs to be done. Me forgetting to do something or make a text or call is something I do feel guilty about.

5. How relationships turned out.
a. Not everyone wants to have bad blood or a sour relationship with someone they used to know. So, knowing that you have a bad relationship or no relationship with someone can suck because I’m sure that was not the way you intended it to be. Sometimes, trying to fix it is a solution I think of, but then there are times when some relationships are not fixable or just need time to get back together.

6. Wasting food.
a. Sometimes food doesn’t come out the way you want it. So now you attempted to make a dish that comes out bad or you do not eat all the food you put on your plate makes me feel guilty. Food can be expensive, so for it to be used and wasted hurts especially when there are people in some parts of the world starving.

7. Disappointing someone.
a. Disappointing a parent, friend or loved one always makes someone feel guilty. You see how much hurt they have in their hearts because they expect better from you. So the feeling and tone of a let down can hurt mine and anyone else’s heart… especially if that person matters to you. Now if you disappointed someone you did not care about, you would not feel guilty about any of the consequences.

8. Cutting people off.
a. Nothing is more annoying than to not be heard and to be cut off while speaking. I have had many experiences where I would cut someone off and vice versa and that feeling is not good. It does allow the argument to continue because both parties feel they are not being heard. It can also allow it to end the way it started because since both parties do not want to compromise, time is now being wasted. So, now I try my best to hear the person out, even if I know what they are saying makes no sense.

9. Falling asleep on people.
a. One thing I hate to do is fall asleep on people when we are conversing on the phone. Although I try my hardest to listen, I would only fall asleep if I am dead tired. Falling asleep on someone can make them feel what they are saying is not important and you would rather be elsewhere. It is not always that case, it just sometimes happens, especially if I am comfortable in my bed as someone is talking. Falling asleep while in the car with a driver and we are the only two in the car is bad as well. The goal is to try to keep the driver company and one falling asleep on the person is considered rude to some. Some may feel that it is inconsiderate as well.


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