Ten Days Strong

Ten Days Strong…. Ten days in. Next question is “When I am lonely…”


When I am lonely:


–          I like to sleep.

–          I like to watch TV.

–          I like to do yoga.

–          I like to read.

–          I like to plan.

–          I like to eat.


When I am experiencing feelings of loneliness I will call to speak to a friendly face. I would go out and entertain myself whether I have company or not. Emotionally or physically, my body does not change. I sometimes like to stay by myself, so it doesn’t always affect me. I think I have not been alone in a while to even feel lonely, so when I am by myself, I actually enjoy it. Before, I probably would be a little sad and try to formulate a plan to giving myself company, but now as I’m older, I appreciate just relaxing and even having me time. As I got older, I realize, nothing is wrong with that; it is actually needed.


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