Genuinely Happy

Day 12. I feel like these next few days can be emotional based on the topics. The topic for today is “What makes you happy? Are you genuinely happy with YOU?”


–          Getting sleep makes me happy.

–          Doing yoga makes it happy; it clears my mind.

–          Watching others succeed makes me happy; you can always celebrate someone’s accomplishments.

–          Getting massages make me happy; I get to be comfortable and feel great.

–          My loved ones being in good health and happiness make me happy.

–          Getting my goals accomplished makes me happy.

–          Traveling makes me happy. I like to see new places and get a mini change of scenery.

–          Taking photos makes me happy. I enjoy putting moments together so I can always remember.


Genuinely am I happy with me? Most may think yes; however, I’m unfortunately not. I know why and the tools to do so, I just need to do so. Guess since inquiring minds want to know, here goes.


–          I’m professionally not where I want to be and that is a strain. Being overqualified and getting the treatment you are and not any growth can be tiring and annoying.

–          Having people only use for when they can benefit off of your help, but not care when you are in need of help.

–          Not having a consistent romantic relationship and realizing that I am getting older and this is the time where most people are starting to get engaged, have babies and/or marriage.


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