What Motivates Me

Day 11. My head is bloody, but unbowed. I’m still here folks. A little behind, but still around. Today’s journal entry is “What and/or whom motivates you?”


–          My parents motivate me because without them, I’m unsure where I would be in life. They motivate me because I want to make them proud.

–          The people I not only personally help bring into my fraternity motivate me, but the extended little brothers and sisters from my organization and others motivate me. You can’t want people to do better if you do not strive to be better yourself.

–          My younger cousins and siblings motivate me also. Me being the example they would want to see and emulate motivates me to do better and being better.

–          Society motivates me to be better. We rarely have the image of African Americans doing well for themselves, so I have to help break that stereotype for all.

–          Those who don’t believe in my capabilities motivate me to do better. I can’t prove them right by quitting. I have to make someone be mad for something. Lol.

–          My family members who died while believing in me motivates me also. I can’t let them down and I must apply everything I learned from them to make their legacies continue.

–          My faith motivates me. Although things may seem rough at times, I do believe things will get better and I know I always have to struggle to get to the final destination.

–          Those who were unable to fulfill or live their dreams motivate me. I allow them to see their dream be lived through someone who can live it.


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