Love and Admiration

Day 14… Time is still going. This is the part that gets a little sappy. Question is “Do you consider yourself worth love and admiration?”

I would consider anyone worth of love and admiration. I would say there is a person for everyone in the world, you just have to experience a few situations to get to what you finally are made for. In terms of myself, I am a loveable person (overall lol). I can consider myself as loving unconditionally, with flaws and all (just as long as they’re not major). I can consider myself to be loved by a few (many may say yes, but you do not know until adversity happens).

Admiration, I can say I’m worth that as well. I worked my butt off over the years to get where I am at today and without the dedication and motivation from others, I probably would not be here today, repeating the same cycle. I’m not the best role model, but I can say I am a decent one.

Anyone is worth these traits, they just have to give the same respect they want to receive.

One Response to “Love and Admiration”
  1. SH says:

    I’m loving these posts! Keep them coming 🙂

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