Dominant Emotion

This is getting a little in my business. Lol, very grateful for these questions and these posts also. Day 19 asks, “What is the dominant emotion in your life right now?” Here we go.


Annoyance is the dominant emotion in my life right now. Why am I annoyed?


  • People are at times selfish and it annoys me when people will only do things to gain something, but not from the goodness of their hearts. At times, they do not care how their selfishness effects others.
  • People are disorganized and expect you to rush when they are late for something that is due to them. It is annoying when I have to stop what I’m doing because you decided to be late.
  • People can not be honest how they feel and it is annoying when you ask them and they say nothing, but their feelings are otherwise.
  • People are annoying when they criticize as if they can do better, but do not offer time, assistance or advice to make the situation better.
  • People are annoying when they treat you like crap, but expect you to treat them like royalty. They are more annoying when you give them the same treatment they gave you and become confused.
  • People are annoying when they lie about things that are not used to protect someone. If you are going to lie, at least have a good purpose for lying. Don’t be lying just because.
  • People are annoying when they borrow something of yours and never want to give it back. It is even more annoying when you contact them about it and they act like they forgot about it or procrastinate in giving it back to you.
  • People are annoying when they can always contact you when you can do something for them and that is the only time you hear from them. At least contact me to make sure I’m alive, all is well. Something simple.

So yes, I’m just annoyed with various people and situations. Annoyance is dominant emotion right now. What I need to do is pretty simple, I just have to apply the skills learned to avoid annoyance and do more yoga! Lol.


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