Gives Me Meaning

Day 25 question is “What gives me meaning?” It’s many things I can say give me meaning; however, one that I thought off the top of my head that can be good and bad is “Satisfaction of others.”

I am a giving person. I give what I can, even if that includes time, money, love and dedication. Sometimes, I’ve been told I give too much. Others’ opinions in society is always deemed as important. Their opinions can help you avoid bad decisions and can also steer you in the right direction. Their opinions also can allow you to not be satisfied with yourself and can allow you to not fully live. A good amount of my time does focus on others.

I touched on this part of what gives me meaning because I realize in life, it is not just about me. My decisions can positively or negatively effect others. I try to be considerate, but I think this post makes me realize that I need to satisfy myself. Even if it doesn’t satisfy others. Although I realize the error, I do realize that helping others gives me meaning. Seeing others succeed, seeing happiness on someone’s face and seeing dreams accomplished, even if they are not my own is what satisfies me. I realize though that I do have gifts and with this theory, this does hurt me because I allow myself to continue being the Robin or Batman in someone’s life, but not the Batman or Robin in my own life and goals.

At this point, I am at a crossroads in life when it comes to the next step. Approval of others is also important, but I realize that I please others too much that I go home and I am not happy. I go home and still am stagnant in my own life. I go home and internalize my own pain, my own hurt, my own setbacks. Fulfilling happiness is not helpful anymore if I can not fulfill happiness in my own life.

So now, my question goes for my readers. Knowing me (if you do) or by reading this post, would you now say that this still gives me meaning? Or does this give me meaning, but I let it give me too much meaning that I get hurt in the long run (Serious questions)?


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