One Habit

Day 26. I’m still in there. Almost to the home stretch. If you seen some numbers skipped, that’s because like said prior… If it’s too personal, I’m not posting on here. Day 26’s topic is “Describe one small habit that you will change today.”

One small habit I will change today is avoid going on social media as much as I do if there is something else important I can be doing. We all go on social media to pass time. There is also times when there is tons of work that needs to be done while we are using these social media sites. For lent in 2015, I did not go on social media. What I plan on doing now is not logging onto my accounts if I have something else to do.

So if I have a book to read, yoga to do, something to type, etc., I will make sure if I have the urge or make a mistake and go on, remind myself… log off. Get your work done first. Go on after. It will still be there. Once I’m done, then I can have the free time to do what I want after.

One Response to “One Habit”
  1. J.J.B. says:

    One small habit I would change is procrastination. Don’t get me wrong the work gets done regardless but I tend to wait till the last minute and that is one thing I need to change but on the other hand I work well under pressure.

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