Day 30… Last One

Day 30… I rocked with it. I would say a good amount of the topics were challenging, which I was assuming it would be. Although some are not posted on here, I am glad I stuck with it. Last topic is to discuss what I learned about myself. Welp… here goes.

  • I learned that I have some obstacles I definitely need to tackle.
  • I learned that there are topics I am still uncomfortable opening about.
  • I learned that there are topics I am more comfortable in talking about, although it may have seemed like a “Pandora’s box.”
  • I learned that I do know what I want and what to do to achieve happiness for myself, I just need to do it.
  • I learned that I am willing to experience change again in life to persevere.
  • I learned that the pain and loss of my recent loved one is still there’ however, healing does come with time.
  • I learned that I need to do what’s best for me to achieve happiness even if it isn’t in approval of others.
  • I learned that sometimes opening these specific topics might be hard, but it also helps with finding the root to the problem.
  • I learned that my worth has been under-valued, which could have self-consciously questioned my self-worth.
  • I learned that being a Robin to others can be helpful, but I have to be the Batman I was meant to be in order for myself to develop.

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