2015 Is Really Over

Tomorrow is seriously December 31, 2015. The last day of 2015. I really can’t believe it. 2016 is right here and now it’s a new year. I hope that 2016 is so much better than 2015. 2015 could have been worse, but honestly could have been so much better. It’s so many things I can talk about when it comes to 2015 and 2016, so here goes….


  • In 2016, I plan to take care more of myself more physically, mentally and spiritually. I plan to put me first more than put other people and life’s situations ahead of my needs.
  • In 2015, I finally received my driver’s license. I plan to continue driving, perfecting the skills I am already good at and gaining new ones on the road. I plan to rent cars (for the first time lol) and I plan to have a car of my own by the end of 2016.
  • In 2015, things with love, romantic relationships and I have been weird. Not been horrible, but not what I need it to be. In 2016, I plan to attempt to give love a chance (if I can find it).
  • In 2015, I did a few trips; however, in 2016, I plan to make more trips (more flying, more new places, more pictures and more experiences).
  • The past two years, I have followed lent and have been good at it. In 2016, I plan on giving up a few things again and hope I do as well as I have done the past two years.
  • I always try to be helpful and resourceful to others; always making sure others are good, being the parent and at times, taking on other people’s burdens. In 2016, I can not take on your burden. Yes I can assist if asked, but your problem you started, your burden you created, cannot and will not be taken off of you and given straight to me.
  • In 2015, my situation with work has been all over the place. In 2016, I plan on gaining more revenue, getting myself financially together and for once in a while, enjoying what I do.
  • Negativity is always around no matter where you go. In 2015, I feel there was a lot of negativity whether it was in my surroundings or in society. In 2016, I aim to avoid as much negativity as possible. To smile as much as possible, to be as positive as much as possible. No more drama!

I am glad to be leaving 2015 behind and am excited to see what 2016 has to offer.

2 Responses to “2015 Is Really Over”
  1. J.J.B says:

    Pretty good goals for 2016 and I know you’ll stick with it. Very proud of you! I have pretty similar goals myself and I must say its going well so far. I have my moments where I tend to back track, but I try to take it one step at time. Progress is better than none.

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