Oohhh all my life (well a good amount of my life), I have been fighting this issue. Some weeks, I am perfectly fine. Face feels smooth, look nice in the pictures I take, no blackheads and no whiteheads. I am on cloud nine. Other weeks, I am miserable. Face is bumpy, I do not want to take pictures, I have multiple dots all around, I feel nervous about touching my face, let alone removing any bumps from it.

Even though I am passed 25… yes I am, I still get pimples. I always wondered what age I would stop getting pimples, but I guess let me just make sure I get fewer pimples as time passes. Over the years, I experienced Proactiv, which was good. Only issue was that can be costly and if you fell off from using it, the bumps can reoccur. I currently at times use apricot scrub, and that can work and not work. My face can sometimes still be bumpy, clean, but bumpy. Over course I want both.

When I was younger, Noxzema was my BFF. She I just find to be strong and unhelpful. Don’t get me wrong, all of these products listed make your face clean. I just don’t think they were the products for me. Soap of course is helpful, but since I have sensitive skin, I usually need more than that. What has helped is one of the face masks from Seacret; however, I just use it once or twice every two weeks.

In 2016, I plan to make sure my face has less pimples. I have to continue to leave the soda and juice alone and stick to water. When I have too much soda, I get way more bumps. When I get overwhelmed I actually get more bumps as well. When I try products that do not go well with my face, of course I get bumps as well. My mission for 2016 is to try home remedies (home remedies usually work the best), my Seacret mask and sometimes my Apricot Scrub. As I get older, I need to make sure I do not get old.er and have scaly or bad skin.

As they always say…. Black Don’t Crack and I plan to not crack!

One Response to “Pimples”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Ohh the memories!Till this day I still battle with acne but its not as severe like it was back then.Somethings,that I do that helps me with my acne is I drink a lot of water…at least a gallon a day.Drinking water helps remove any toxins out the body.When I shower I like to use oatmeal soap because its soft on my skin and doesn’t have a strong frangrance smell.After,that I use astringet which removes oils,dirt and any traces of makeup.Try not to pop any pimples but if you must use a q-tip and not your fingertips!! I stray away from sugary bevarages and fatty foods.All my years spending money on commercialized products I was only treating the symptom which was temporary and not the root of the problem which can be internal.From my experiences my issue was a hormonal imbalace and of course I had to take medcine prescribed by a doctor.It definetly made a huge difference but now I have to deal with the aftermath which is the black scars.I do plan on doing a mircodermabrasion this year which is a skin treatment.Hopefully,the results are postive and it will give me the confidence to feel comfortable in my own skin.

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