Inviting Out

As you get older, your priorities change and your mindset grows. A while ago, if I found out someone I knew was having an event and I did not get invited, I would feel so sort of way. I might have cursed them out in my head, cursed them out loud, made a whole production, even possibly hold a grudge. I would feel a way because I would think, “Hey if we are cool, where was my invite?” I didn’t mind spending the money to travel to the event, to buy something if needed, to support if needed.

As time passes and your mind, body and soul ages, I realized, I don’t need the invite. This simply means, if you have an event and do not invite me, that’s  cool. It is ok for people to have events and not invite everyone they know. It is ok to sit an event or two out. It is ok to just not make the cut. Now if I get invited out, that’s fine… I’ll definitely try my best to make it; however, my schedule is busy. I always have someplace to go, someone to see, some money to spend.

So if you do not invite me, I will be ok. It will be one less choice I have to make on which event to go to, money saved in my checkings and savings account and/or possible sleep I could gain. To make events takes time, money and effort. Depending on the event, you might have to buy a gift, do some running around and even groom yourself properly. As I get older, I am at times ok with sitting it out and sitting in the house. It is no offense to you or anybody, but sometimes you get tired.

It’s times I even had to tell my friend, “Do not feel a way if so and so doesn’t invite you out.” It’s less stress on your plate, less decisions you have to make, and who knows, not getting the invite was probably saving you from something else you weren’t aware of.” So when you feel a way about not getting an invite, just think about it this way… you can be bored, but you can still have more money in your account, saving time and potential heartache.

2 Responses to “Inviting Out”
  1. Anonymous says:

    As I get older my priorities has changed a lot. I use to feel some type of way if I didn’t get invited to an event also and knowing the person that’s hosting the event. Had me question our friendship, but now it doesn’t phase me. That’s more money in my bank account I can spend on myself or for a rainy day. Don’t get me wrong I love going to events and supporting my peers, but once in a while I like staying home, and just relaxing.

  2. blureign16 says:

    you are speaking to my soul right now!

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