Coconut Curling Cream

So I usually don’t do reviews on products that I purchase; however, I loved this purchase that I felt it was worth it and I needed to share the wealth. One day, I was at my friend’s house and usually when I’m in someone’s home, I manage to glance at products people have. I glance because sometimes it’s helpful for recommendations whether it’s cologne, toothpaste, food, juice, hair products, etc. Don’t worry all, I’m not going to take your stuff (HEAVY disclaimer), but I will ask you about it to see if it’s a good investment for myself.

So while at my friend’s house, I manage to glance at the hair cream called “Cantu: Shea Butter for Natural Hear (Coconut Curling Cream).” I ask to use some, ended up smelling it… oh it had a great smell. Then I decided to apply some to my mini Mohawk. After applying and brushing the sides of my hair, I looked in the mirror and noticed the curls looked better, I felt more confident and I knew that that was a good product. I left that day and randomly kept thinking about how it made me feel, how it made my hair smell, how everytime I looked in the mirror at work, my hair was “popping.”

Finally one day, I was walking to my house from work and decided to ask, “Yo remember when I was in your house last and I used that hair lotion, what kind was it?” Finally, after weeks of thinking about it, I got the name and went to the beauty supply store to buy myself a jar.

Memorial Day Weekend…. I went to turnup in Ocean City, Maryland and brought the jar with me. I put it on Thursday morning before work… my curls were feeling strong, hair was smelling good and my smile was brighter than usual. My curls lasted and felt good for two days straight. Slept with no du-rag or no scarf and still woke up with curls being “lit.” If you are a person with kinky hair or a person with straight hair and you might want curls, I strongly recommend this product. If you are undecided on what to do with your hair, but all you know is that you’re letting it grow out, use this product. It will keep your hair intact and smelling great for the meantime. Trust me, this jar can last you a while. I would say apply a finger’s worth, rub in the direction you prefer and make sure it vanishes within your scalp.

If you plan on purchasing, please put your results in the comment section. Below are pictures of the jar if needed.




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