Traveling Solo

I know… The title itself gives you the idea of what I’m talking about. As some of you may know, I love to travel and for the first time ever, I traveled by myself. For my birthday, I decided to go to Costa Rica (a place I’ve wanted to go to for years). I had a “risk-it-all” moment and booked my trip by myself and then told others about it.

People said they were attending, they were going to put the money down. Time passed and no one put anything down. Luckily, I already booked the trip, so the people not attending did not affect my attendance. Going to Costa Rica solo was exciting, dangerous, daring and fun. I wasn’t meeting up with no one out there and did not know anyone out there, but I realized one thing… I wanted to go. I told myself, “I wasn’t born with a twin, I was born by myself.” Why not take the chance? If I don’t go now, when will I go? These words stuck in my head, I went out there and had a good time.

I read a book, I ate, drunk, reflected, even went on an excursion and went to the spa. Along the way, I met a few nice people, who spoke to me. It was not bad at all. The only lonely part I would say is when I needed my photos taken and I did not want a selfie. I had time to sleep, time to do what I wanted to do, did not have to negotiate or argue with anyone; my time was great. After being on this trip, I definitely recommend people to take a trip solo (whether it is international or national). Was I nervous out there? Not really, only when I went on my excursion by myself and I had to get transferred to multiple cars. Other than that, I was fine. I felt like I could definitely live there in the future.

One Response to “Traveling Solo”
  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s pretty bold of you and I do remember that was on your bucket list from reading your previous blogs. Glad you had a good time…maybe one day I shall go on a solo trip.

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