Be Grateful

Looking at life and it’s happy days and not so happy days, I had to reflect on how we need to appreciate people and the opportunities we do have. I ended up running into a short poem that I felt was inspirational and wanted to share with you.


Be grateful for mistakes.
Mistakes are what teach lessons.

Be grateful when you are tired,
Your hard work often means that you have made a difference.

Be grateful for unaccomplished goals.
If all were reached, what would there be to work towards?

Be grateful for shortcomings;
they provide the prospect for improvement.

Be grateful when you don’t understand;
It gives you the opportunity to learn something new.

Be grateful when times are trying.
Those times make you stronger.

Be grateful for progression. And persistence.
And days, good or bad.

Be grateful for difficulties.
How you handle them, speaks volumes to your character.


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