People always say “Keep it 100 with me,” or “Be real with me, I can handle it.” People will be quick to look down upon a person for not “telling them the truth.” But most don’t ask why they didn’t tell them the truth. Most don’t think about what that other person was thinking about when they decided to not “Keep it 100.” Half of the time, some of these people are probably not even thinking about the situation as big as you think they are.

What I do notice is most people are confused. They want the truth, but when the truth is given to them, they cannot handle it. When they get the truth, they want to be stubborn to the truth, mad at the person for “disrespecting them” or being mean. This in reality is backwards. You can’t preach keeping it real, but can’t handle the truth. You can’t expect transparency, but then promote the opposite.

What I propose is this… If people don’t want the truth, don’t give it to them. Don’t waste time in matters that is not going to change or anything that is going to make you flustered. If they don’t want to hear it, listen give them what they want. Sometimes, people can’t be told, they have to experience. So with experience, comes wisdom. They’ll wise up one day. For those who can take it, give it to them. For those who can’t, just let them learn eventually.

One Response to “Real”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I try to keep it real with everyone, because I wouldn’t want anyone to sugar coat anything with me. Even if the truth hurts its better to be honest…

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