A Seat At The Table

The album that had little promotion, but high ratings. The album that everyone is talking about. The album that speaks volumes. This album belongs to none other than Solange.

Most may know Solange just as Beyoncé’s younger sister, but Solange has made a name for herself. She’s had multiple albums, been an activist on her own right, helped the community, etc. Now this album “A Seat At The Table,” is actually her best and most popular work to date. Everytime I hear this album, I gain a new message from it.

This album (in my opinion) is what us (as African Americans) needed right now. It speaks about oppression, how we love all races; however, we love celebrating who we are and what we are about. It shows struggle, it shows progress… it basically tells us to wake up. Surprisingly to some, it even talks about issues that we currently face in society. With the interludes that are powerful and the beats make it an easy listen.

What I appreciate about her album is that she didn’t have to use vulgar language to get her point across. She said what she said and that was that. Features from people like Lil Wayne, Master P and even her parents, made this piece of work great. I just hope that other artists use their gift to convey powerful messages to make us not only think and reflect, but know how to protect ourselves, those we care about and possibly take action.

Solange, I haven’t always been a fan of yours, but between the elevator fight and this album, I respect you SO MUCH more. I’m proud that you didn’t change who you were for anyone and you are ready to speak out or scrap for anything. I seriously feel like I know you. But, nonetheless, congrats, I’ll keep listening to the album.




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