To Be Better in 2017

December is halfway thru and with that, everyone is going to have their New Years’ Resolution on what they want to do or what they should do. People will have goals that they may stick to and goals they may not. In all, people should ensure they have goals that are realistic to who they are and what they can achieve. Do not make goals that you know you may not want to obtain or may not work hard to gain. In 2017, I want to be great. I want you to be great. Most people feel 2016 was horrible. Yes, 2016 had tons of deaths and heartache; however, 2016 was influential for me. I ended up traveling more than I did in 2015, I gained a better job than I had in 2015, I lost more, but grew more at the same time. I saw what I wanted to tolerate and what I would no longer tolerate. This year was very helpful. In 2017, I want you to aim to achieve some of the following:

  • Being more healthier than you previously were.
  • Gaining more revenue than you previously were.
  • Smiling more than you previously were.
  • Saving more money than you previously were.
  • Paying off more debt than you previously were.
  • Expanding your professional network more than you previously were.
  • Traveling more than you previously were.
  • Doing what makes you happy more than you previously were.
  • Uplifting others more than you previously were.
  • Being more informed about current events than you previously were.

Following some of these tips and more (I’m sure) can help you have a successful 2017. Right now, we are experiencing changes within society and as civilians, it’s our responsibility to adjust, remain steadfast and gain our happy. Remember, love others, but love yourself first. 🙂


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