Chixtape 4

New Year, new time for mixtapes. Tory Lanez got us again with another Chixtape Mixtape; the 4th one at that. This does not have multiple songs, only 12, but it is worth the listen. After listening to this one, it reminds me how Lanez is a good sampler. He can use a random song and add his own flavor to it, making it his own. Lanez sampled some of our classic favorites and actually this time, gave us less interludes. With the interlude stories, he does continue to have relationship issues, which makes me appreciate him always giving us some spice to the mixtape.

This one does not have any features, which I did not mind. Not having features remindsu s that although he’s sampling classic hits, he can still stand on his own as an artist. With this heat, Tory makes people remember why they should like him as an artist and continue supporting his vision. In order to listen, you can go to DatPiff.

For one of the songs, you can listen right here. 🙂 Proud Family.



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