New Edition: The Movie

The New Edition Movie just ended last night and one word I can use to sum up my thoughts…. outstanding! I am proud of BET starting off 2017 correct with great work; they made my three days of watching well worth it.

The cast…. great. I appreciated them really acting and really getting into character, I appreciated that you felt their emotions and that although they were playing the actual people, they had talent of their own. Although I wasn’t that old when they first came out, from what the previous generation before mine said, everything was on point. When you pull up pictures of posters, events, etc., you notice how they tried as best as possible to recreate what was happening during the time… and they did just that! The singing was great… I am glad there was no lip syncing and if there was, they did a good job in fooling me lol. I appreciated how they gave us time to see these men as children trying to make it before they rushed us into their adult life. It allowed us to see them start from the bottom to try to make it to the top.

This movie made me realize that they were one of the few groups who were friends before the fame and remained friends through it all. Most groups dismantled, never spoke again or it took them numerous years to speak. This group argued, fought and everything in between, and still remained friends. They even went their separate ways and was able to make it without the others. This just reminded me how they really paved the way for other groups to come together to make it, to breaking up and making up again.

I can say this movie made me feel different emotions. It made me cry tears of joy when they succeeded, it made me yell at the TV because someone was doing foolishness, it made me confused when they received $1.87, it made me shocked when Bobby got removed and it made me laugh when Mike rolled up in the meeting demanding answers. I definitely encourage everyone to watch this movie as soon as you can. BET… great job! New Edition…. great job! All the actors and people behind the scenes… great job! Now that’s what you call a biopic!



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