PS 450

Lately, I’ve decided to not only go places, but to write reviews on them just so my readers can get a sense of places they can go or things they can do when they’re in a specific area. This afternoon, I went to brunch at PS 450 in Manhattan. So, I was suppose to go with a party of people; however, I ended up by myself and this was actually a good time. At first I was annoyed that I was by myself, but as I get older, I realize that I can really enjoy my own company.

I’ve been watching what I eat and drink (sometimes) and this time I semi-passed/semi-failed. Lol. First let’s get to the music. If you want to listen to a good mix by the DJ (without him talking for long periods of time), good speakers, good vibes, this is the place to be. The music had me ready to get out of my seat and get on the dance floor by myself. The classy side reminded me to sit down though. Lol. I had french fries (which I shouldn’t have had since I was trying to watch what I eat) and PS Chicken Sandwich. Both selections was very good.

I’m not a sandwich person, but this was a great choice. The avocado gave the sandwich a little kick to it and so did the honey mustard. Since the chicken was grilled and I chose to have wheat bread, I felt a little good with the healthier choice. The server was pretty good when it came to refills of my drinks… I ended up having pitchers to myself! The mimosas were ok; however, when I mixed it with the Bellinis, it ended up being a smooth mix.  While at the bar, enjoying the scenery and taking the moment in, I spoke with the bartender and a couple (who all were very friendly) and it even made my time better.

After today, I see what the hype of PS 450 is about. The lights are dim, which brings that sensual ambiance, but you can still see what’s on your plate lol. The hosts were very polite as well and although my party flaked, they accommodated me as much as possible and insisted that I enjoyed myself (even if I was sitting by myself). If you want to go someplace with a good DJ, strong drinks and a good meal, I would recommend this spot. Hey, I most likely will end up going back before the year is over!


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