Dear White People

I can actually say I have been very proud of Netflix lately. They have been posting good movies that pertain to societal issues. They are posting quality shows and they are making sure they grab your attention. One show in particular, which came out very recent has caught my attention, making me watch the whole series in less than 8 hours.

“Dear White People” speaks upon oppression that students of color face at a PWI. The series allows the point of view to focus from all of the character’s perspectives, showing issues they face internally and externally. It focuses on segregation, how people are oblivious to the issues we face and how some do not even feel there is an issue period. This series allows us to remember that our issues are not solved and that there are crimes people still have not paid for. There are families that still do not have justice and there is a system that is still unjust.

The movie does take place in current time so it can relate to those that are still alive now. This series mainly focuses on Black Lives Matter; however, it focuses on drug abuse, societal norms, emotional battles and regular ups and downs college students face. I definitely recommend others to watch it as soon as you can and the good thing is, each episode is only 30 minutes. This gives you time to watch each and still have your whole day to complete other daily activities. I won’t get into detail because it’s up to you to watch! 🙂


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