Water Your Plants



This quote stuck out to me today. It stuck so much to me that it made me want to share it with others. In today’s age, this quote simply means, treasure what you have. Often times, we are looking at others and comparing our lives to theirs. Someone either has more money than us, better hair than us or more fun than we have. That does not mean that what we have is invaluable.

This just simply means that people have differences, including lifestyles. What may work for one person may not always work for others. What we have to do as a whole is appreciate what we have because there are people who have less. We have to work with what we have to get what we want. We can’t let emotions such as jealousy get the best of us. Do with what works best for you and do what you choose for you. Do not make decisions to compete, compare or impress others because in the end, you rarely get the results you want. As long as your intentions are good, so should your results.




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