Enough is Enough

Relationships are never easy. Whether they are intimate or not, intermingling with another person can be a challenge being that everyone is their own person. When I say “their own person,” I mean everyone has their own feelings, interpretations and values. What may be valuable to you, may not be valuable to the next person… and that is ok.

One thing I noticed a lot is the constant posts of men and women fighting in public. Most of the times, people would ask, “What would you do?” Or “Who is wrong in this situation?” Most of the latest versions that have been posted may be women physically attacking the men and then the men had enough and retaliate. We all hear or was told that a man should never hit a woman. My question to everyone is, “When would you deem it to be enough?” When should the woman stop and when should the man attack back? Should the man even attack back?

My opinion is that no one should be hitting each other regardless of gender roles. There are emotions that everyone has; however, one should be able to control those emotions without using violence. One should know that if you are planning on attacking, be willing to get attacked back. If you keep your hands to yourself, you can avoid some situations. Yes genetically, a man is stronger than a woman; however, that does not give women the right to overstep their boundaries. There has been videos when women overstep their boundaries and men had enough and retaliated back. In these situations that I witnessed, the women definitely did not intend to do minor damage; they continuously went at the men until they had enough and struck back. Looking at those videos proved my point prior (men are genetically stronger than women).

All in all, just stop the violence and keep your hands to yourself.


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