MTA… Cut The Shit!

Everyday in NYC, people are always hustling and in a rush. While heading to their early destinations, people want to ensure the method used is reliable, but also convenient. Over the years, MTA has been the most unreliable, pricy, annoying and inconsiderate method of transportation. The subway system, in particular, has not only been dirtier than ever, it has been inconsistent. Trains and buses do not come when they are scheduled to do so, making people late for to their final destination.

People usually contact MTA very concerned and annoyed; however, in 2017, the rates have been higher. In the news, MTA has been covered mostly due to its lack of care and for its shortcomings. One thing I personally have to say is, “MTA… Cut the shit and get your act together!” There is no reason why people have to wake up extra early just to make sure they have enough wiggle room to be delayed for an hour on the train. There is no reason why on the weekends certain trains are not running due to “repairs” that no one ever sees. There is no reason why it’s so hot on the buses and trains that people pass out. There is no reason why someone misses their graduation and is stuck with you for three hours due to what you can’t get solved.

There’s no reason why the prices for MTA continues to rise and we are not getting better service. There’s no reason why locations like Tokyo (Japan), Boston (Massachusetts) and Washington, D.C. have cheaper rates and better service. None of these systems are ran 24/7; however, they get you to your location in efficient time, is much cleaner and is much cheaper. How do I know this? Because I’ve went to all three locations and used their transportation methods multiple times. There’s no reason why you always use the same excuse for the same nonsense that happens on a daily basis.

There’s no reason why people continue to die or other locations outside of NYC have figured a way to solve the problems we continue to face. These problems have simple solutions and the sad part is, NYC ignores fixing them. The sad part is because NYC is such an expensive place to live with limited spaces to park, people refuse to move their cars. People refused to put gas in a car they can hardly park for a low or free price. I really do not think anything is going to happen until we take a stand and force them to correct their wrongs. If we keep allowing ourselves to be abused by MTA, they will not stop. All in all, MTA, get it together before you start having more people relocate out of NYC and you have fewer funds to maintain your system.


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